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Kalispell, the first of many!

The first Farm in the Dell, a place for the developmentally disabled from in and around the Flathead to live, work and play.  In the late eighties Lowell and Susan Bartels had an idea that the developmentally disabled could use there unique abilities to become more self sufficient.  They could run a farm and enjoy working a farm and in turn become a valued part of the community.

The original farm home was small and not designed for the needs of the residents. After years of planning, the new farm home and surrounding property can now house 12 residents and supports cattle, pigs and chickens.  This plan has been used for the other “farm” homes in Montana and through out the world.  Each Farm in the Dell community supports the residents as they strive to become vibrant members of there communities and we would like to thank everyone whose time, effort and contributions made this dream a reality.

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