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Farm in the Dell provides both a residence and a vocational environment for all its residents. Each farm varies in their programs and structure. We aim to help each resident succeed by learning life skills along with vocational education to give them each a fulfilling life. 


Our residential program provides a family friendly home for individuals (men and women) with developmental disabilities. Farm in the Dell provides the education and support necessary to enable individuals to become independent and self-sufficient members of their community.

Individuals have the opportunity to learn a variety of homemaking skills, self-help skills, communication and socialization skills, recreational and leisure activities that contribute to a full and rewarding life.

The residents are very active members in the community. 


Residents from the farm will have the opportunity to work on the farm as well as others from the community.

The residents work on the farm taking care of their animals and garden. They also have a variety of wood working projects and assembling contracts as well as a greenhouse.  The residents work hard to make their farm beautiful and take great pride in the work that they do.

Farm in the Dell is also always looking to make partnerships with other businesses to help them get work done for them in their business as well through contract work.

Farm In The Dell
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