Farm in the Dell is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of individuals who serve on our governing advisory boards. They volunteer their time, donate money, and provide an invaluable service to our agency and those we serve. Each farm has it's own board and their service is a blessing to each farm community. Our Farm in the Dell International board oversees all of the farms that we help support and grow. Thank you to each and every one of you for your part in helping our residents succeed!


CEO / Co-Founder

Lowell is the CEO and co-founder of the Farm in the Dell International Foundation which operates a rural work and home environment for the developmentally disabled. Lowell also serves as a lay minister to the developmentally disabled of Helena. He regularly ministers to residents of Helena nursing homes, several group homes, assisted living homes, and the hospital and more.



Mr. Bartels studied art at Montana State University. His parents founded the first Farm in the Dell residence for individuals with developmental disabilities in Montana in the 1980’s. He was drawn to working with the disabled and gained expertise in developing community support for them throughout Montana, first as a volunteer and then in 2010 as the Resource Development Officer for the Farm in the Dell Foundation. He has since opened 3 new Farms and works closely with four of the residents living at the Butte, Montana location who have FASD.

Board Members for Farm in the Dell International:

Valerie Balukas

Susan and Lowell Bartels

Dennis Flynn

Rick Hart

Steven Johnson

Debbie Spranget

Joyce Nachtsheim

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