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Great Falls, Montana is getting closer!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We’re happy to announce that the construction phase of the Great Falls Farm in the Dell is nearing completion, and should be done in the next two months as we’ve completed the initial construction at the Butte Farm. With room sponsors and donations still be accepted, there’s still plenty to do in Great Falls (and Butte!) but it’s all coming together quite nicely.

In 2010 the Farm in the Dell International Foundation decided the need was too great to not expand the number of Farms. We raised money and worked closely with the communities of Great Falls and Butte to acquire land, build the homes, and now we’re nearing the time when the Farms will become a true home for several citizens of Montana.

The complete plan for the Farm in the Dell – Great Falls is still being finalized, as is the direction the farming and ranching will take. There are plenty of ways for individuals and organizations to get and stay involved with this wonderful addition to our communities. Remember, the Farms aren’t meant to be a place away from the community, they’re meant to be a place that the people of the community can show how awesome they truly are!

With the completion of the Butte & Great Falls Farm in the Dells we’ll have five North American Farm in the Dells. We want to build a sixth, so your donations are much appreciated!

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