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Aberdeen, Saskatchewan Farm

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

The Farm in the Dell between Aberdeen & Saskatoon now houses six developmentally disabled individuals, even though there is still the construction of out buildings and a barn to be completed this spring.  The communities of Aberdeen and Saskatoon SK have welcomed this home into their arms.  Many community projects are under way with the building of large flower boxes to put around town and water and maintain to the growing and arranging flowers for sale at local markets.  The Staff and residents are all flourishing and look forward to another productive summer!!

And, our friends to the north have sent us an awesome update on the progress of the Farm in the Dell in Saskatoon. The spring has been very busy at Farm in the Dell. In addition to the residents, there are others transitioning during the day program, coming for supper and having overnight stays. Everyone is so excited that our family is growing!

You’ll definitely want to check this out, and remember, if you can, help us build another farm by clicking on the donate link on the right. Thank you and God bless!

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Farm In The Dell
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