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Down syndrome adult man watering plants outdoors

Providing a Productive, Fulfilling Future For Adults With Disabilities.

Community Based

Self Supporting

Life Changing

Because Everyone Deserves a Bright Future! 

The Farm in the Dell International Foundation works to build community-based, self-supporting farming homes for the disabled. The Foundation works to acquire land, build the home, begin the farm, and integrate the entirety into the local community in a way that is beneficial for both the community and the residents and workers at the farms.

three hands holding small plants

Thank You For Your Support!

Partner with us in providing enriching community-based, self-supporting farming homes for disabled adults, promoting productive and fulfilling futures for our participants! Every dollar that is raised is directly used to support our farms all over the world! THANK YOU!

Are you ready to start your journey?

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We teach our residents life-skills training and vocational training in a safe environment.

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See our residents in action in a loving environment that helps them along the way to success!

Find out more about where our farms are located and the resources they offer.

Farm in backyard of house

Would you like to apply for your adult child to become a resident? Find out more about our residents and life on the farms.

Man working in greenhouse farm

We help adults with disabilities succeed!

Farm In The Dell
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