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Chickens on farm in Butte Montana



This farm is located on a 91-acre operating ranch in the Butte, MT area and serves adults with disabilities. The residents are offered a way of living that proves to be incomparable to traditional methodologies for the residents and the community. The Farm in the Dell gives individuals a living space that allows them to be fully productive, social and never marginalized. With even modest activities, the folks involved make a difference; the residents know their neighbors, and their neighbors know them. The residents are given the respect they deserve, the treatment they require, the support they need and all the love and care they could ever want. In turn, the individuals benefit their communities and fulfill real needs.


The Farm in the Dell provides both residential services for adults with disabilities while providing the opportunity for residents to learn a variety of life skills from a diverse team of staff. The residents are exposed to homemaking skills, self-help skills, communication and social skills, and recreational and leisure skills; all of which contribute to a more fulfilling life.

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Farm In The Dell
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